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$3 Hanging Hack

When it's time to hang something, I can put so many holes in the wall you could frame them and call it art.

No matter how many times I measure, no matter how many times I step back to take a look, I have some seriously destructive capabilities when it comes to hanging things. It ends up looking like I've penned morse code into the drywall with a hammer and nails. In fact, the best hanging spots usually end up being where I can cover up the most holes I've made.

I may receive a commission if you purchase items through links in this article.

A few days ago, I got the bright idea that I could add some storage inside a kitchen cabinet with a thrifted organizer I had. I knew that using screws or nails was out of the question (I could just picture me drilling through the front of the cabinet or leaving a million holes in the woodwork). Left without other options, I sadly held my little organizer and almost gave up on my storage dream.


The organizer was sized just right for fit inside my cabinet door and the depth of it held plastic wrap and foil perfectly. The discreet placement of them meant I could clear out a full drawer of stuff without adding any more visual clutter to the kitchen-- if only I could hang it.

I decided to check out Amazon. I searched for hanging solutions. After reading reviews for a while, I decided to give this stuff a try. I ordered it up (okay, I also put a favorite hair accessory in my cart with it first) and anxiously awaited its arrival.

Once the LocTite showed up, I opened up the package and immediately thought, "There's no way this is going to work." It's super lightweight and reminds me of the gooey stuff used to hang posters on the wall when I was a kid-- hardly the workhorse I was looking for. Still, I had no alternative plan and was already holding it in my hand, so decided to give it a go. I pulled a few pieces off of the tacky blue block inside the wrapper and started placing them at each corner of my organizer.

As I pressed the organizer onto the inside of my cabinet door I found myself once again thinking this was definitely not going to work. When I removed my hands though, I was completely surprised to see that the organizer stuck!

"Okay. It will fall down immediately when I put a box of wax paper in there though."


I couldn't believe it! That organizer stayed up holding plastic wrap, wax paper, foil, and crock pot liners without so much as loosening from the cabinet. It has been two weeks now and I'm fumbling things in and out of it pretty regularly-- it still is holding firm.

When I picked up the organizer ($.25!) I had no idea what I would do with it. It just looked like it held some promise, so I took it home. I'm still impressed that there was a way to hang it that didn't involve making numerous holes, and even happier to have discovered a new method for hanging things that just might save the integrity of my walls. FOR LESS THAN $3!! I suspect this stuff will get a lot of use in my home-- the package looks like it's going to last a while. I only used a small portion on my cabinet project. Lightweight frames, small plates-- I really think it will hold it all. I also noticed that they make an entire line of adhesive products. If any of you have tried out other products from this line, please let me know if they work as well as this one!

Plus, now I have an entire drawer of empty space to fill up in my kitchen! I'm sure I can fill it up in no time.

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