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5 Things Worth Buying Second Hand

Whether you're visiting a luxury vintage boutique or strolling through the local Goodwill, some things are always worth your consideration when shopping second hand. Here are five things you won't want to overlook during your next thrifting adventure:

1. Everyday Fashion

This one goes without saying! From high end designer jeans to homemade dresses, there's something for everyone. Think about all the clothes you've passed along that were still in great shape but just didn't fit or feel right to you. Most other people have some misfit outfits they've passed along in barely used condition, too. Those clothes are on the racks now, waiting to find the perfect person to wear them well-- and just maybe you're that person. Consignment shops are the motherload for clothing options since they take in all sorts of different sizes, cuts, styles, and brands. You won't be restricted to the inventory of one designer, and you'll be saving a bundle by letting someone else pay retail.

2. Out of Season Items

Thrift shops do markdowns in a hurry to accommodate their ever-changing inventory. Throw in changing weather and it's not uncommon to score a 50-90% discount from their already low prices as things go out of season. To score the best deals, pick up seasonal items and store them until it's time to get them out again (take into account how much storage your home has to accommodate them first, though!).

If you have growing children and can anticipate their size for upcoming seasons, look for discounts on out-of-season clothing for them as well. Stock up and you'll be glad you did when the winds change and they suddenly need a coat to wear to school.

3. Home Decor

The totally unpredictable decor these stores offer are so much fun! You never know what unusual and wonderful things you might find. The unexpected nature of vintage and unique second-hand findings means you can curate to your individual style in a way that no one else can replicate (the low cost of thrifted items also makes it a lot easier to bear when things around the house inevitably get cracked, broken, or otherwise in need of replacement). Layer your vintage finds with newer pieces and enjoy in the one of a kind, timeless beauty of your home.

4.Craft Supplies

There's no shortage of craft items available at most charitable thrift shops. Each time a project is completed with leftover supplies or a rookie decides their new hobby is too daunting, donated surplus craft items find their way onto the shelves. If you're the creative sort (or if your child is!), consider adding to your stash on the cheap by picking up sewing, painting, or other crafty accessories when you stop in. Lots of stores will offer themed crafting grab-bags or unused art kits as well.


Whether you use them as a coffee table display, DIY projects, or for ACTUALLY READING (!), books are always priced to move at thrift stores. Recipe books, lifestyle books, fiction, nonfiction, and children's books will be marked pennies on the dollar. Vintage books with great illustrations, antique books with charming covers, kids' books, and bestsellers-- pick them up second hand and you'll save a bundle.

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