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The Easiest Chalk Paint Recipe Ever

Chalk paint. Its countless application techniques and adhesion make it an undisputed champion of paint.

It's also kinda expensive.

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Most craft and upcycling enthusiasts know chalk paint as the painting game-changer of the 2010's. The past decade has seen a landslide of DIYers capitalizing on its unique texture and grit on furniture, knick-knacks, and even cabinetry. Different than chalkboard paint, chalk paint is a thicker, coarser type of paint that adheres to most surfaces without primer. It can be ideal for rustic, farmhouse, shabby, and chippy looks. It sands away gently to create distressed styles with ease and it dry brushes nicely for layered, dimensional finishes.

Chalk paint isn't without drawbacks, though. It often takes several coats of paint for good coverage and requires applying a varnish or wax finish. It can also be comparatively expensive, especially for larger projects.

Another disadvantage to manufactured chalk paint is that there are only limited color palettes available within each brand. Spray, acrylic, and latex paints provide countlessly more choices when it comes to color.

In recent years I've mad many attempts at creating my own homemade chalk paint. I was in search of a chalk paint Holy Grail... an easy, inexpensive, readily available recipe that would produce colors galore. High expectations, right? The recipes I found online included things like grout powder or plaster of Paris-- stuff most people don't have just laying around in the closet. Also stuff that you have to buy in what seems like massive amounts just to try out a recipe. Ugh.

I wanted something simple. Something that didn't require special tools or ingredients, and ideally something that would allow me to mix custom quantities without having to order tons of compound to do so.

After a handful of messes, numerous ingredients, and more than one trial surface to paint on, I finally found a mixture that checked all the boxes! I'm so happy to share with you my new go-to, favorite-of-all-time chalk paint recipe. I hope you'll love it as much as I do.

Absurdly high DIY Recipe expectations:


✅Easy to mix

✅Readily available ingredients

✅Unlimited color options

✅Allows for mixing small or large quantities

Ready for it!?! Ready for the BIG reveal?! Wait no longer! Here ya go:

DIY Chalk Paint


  1. Corn Starch

  2. Acrylic Paint in any color

That's it. There is literally nothing else. That's right, there are only two ingredients and they will cost you probably a grand total of $3.

Now here's the secret formula (shhhhh!):

Mix one part corn starch to every three parts of acrylic paint.

That is all. There are no other steps. You're done!

This paint mixture adheres and applies like chalk paint. Dry brush it, sand it, layer it-- just be sure to finish it with a varnish or wax in the same way you would finish a commercial chalk paint. (In my opinion, it even provides thicker first-coat covereage which is a total cherry on top!)

If you're an Amazon Prime customer, you can order my favorite set and have it delivered with free Prime shipping. If you aren't a Prime member, you only need to spend a few more dollars to have it delivered for free. Or, consider trying out Amazon's free Prime trial to receive access to all of the Prime benefits.

Now go wild with all the new paint color possibilities and revel in all that money you saved NOT buying pre-mixed paint off the shelf! Hooray!

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