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Do you love to DIY?

Does spending $8 sound better than spending $40?

Do treasure hunts appeal to you? Can you tolerate a person who has extreme crafting urges and a Macklemore-level adoration of thrift?


Hey, pal! Allow me to introduce myself... I'm a fan of all things revamped, glown-up, reimagined, and most anything with a cat on it. I love eclecticism. Creativity is my outlet. Well, that and shopping.

As a kid I was usually whining, "I'm in a makin' mood but don't know what to make!" In hindsight, that must have been super annoying for everyone to listen to. Being that those were the days before a Google search could spark creativity, I was confined to a cardboard box full of fabric scraps, a watercolor palette, and anything I could find in my mom's sewing stash. Those things quickly lost their luster so I started looking for random things from around the house or in nature to create who knows what. Sweetgum balls dipped in glitter, wood scraps nailed into doll chairs, tablecloths draped to become the MOST beautiful dresses. At one point I discovered that Sharpie marker stays on clothes. Permanently.

Very couture.

Those makin' moods have followed me into adulthood where I find myself more often than not filling up any extra time by trying some sort of new DIY project/ disaster.

As a parent, I discovered that children complaining about crafty boredom is indeed super annoying and also that kids outgrow their clothes approximately every three to four seconds (even faster if it's something expensive).

The latter of those revelations brought me to a consignment boutique one day, hoping to scrimp something back out of the exorbitant amounts I'd shelled out buying all of the adorable, tiny things. While dropping off a tote of clothing, I spotted a dress hanging up exactly like one I was dropping off. A dress I had spent $40 on that was worn for a few hours and then outgrown overnight. I checked the tag of the identical dress for sale.... it was $8.

I am no math whiz, but I know 8 is less than 40.

Angels sang. Trumpets trumpeted. Heavens opened and I began sifting through racks full of treasure... No two items were alike and everything was arranged by size, priced at a fraction of what I would have paid elsewhere. There was even a gorgeous little baby dress made by a brand called Binky Couture. I died. This was amazing.

Behold... the thrill of thrift.

I hope you find something useful here, whether it's tips for navigating your next treasure hunt, inspiration to try a new project, a way to save a few bucks, or just something to satisfy your next makin' mood.

Thanks for stopping by!

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