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Where Do I Start?

Second hand retail is having its' day. With the perks of slowing down fast fashion, standing out from the crowd with one of a kind style, and spending less than retail, it's no surprise that second hand fashion is more in-demand than ever. Between malls becoming a thing of the past and the Covid pandemic keeping us at home, online platforms for purchasing gently-loved items are thriving.

If you're new to the thrift game, it's important to know what the options are when it comes to where to shop. Online is a great place to start and there are usually a handful of options nearby if you'd prefer to hit the pavement instead. Get your thrift gear ready, call up a friend, and make it a date to try out somewhere new!

Garage/ Yard/ Moving Sales

Find these by checking online (social media/ sale posting sites), in the newspaper, or by being lucky enough to spot one as you drive by. If you live where the air doesn't hurt your face in winter, you might find them happening year round. Otherwise, they are most typically held seasonally from spring until late summer. Definitely take a loop around the block if there is a multi-home neighborhood sale.

Estate Sales

You can do an online search for estate sales being held near you as well as for online estate auctions. For online auctions, a third-party company directs the sale and they may or may not be local, so always consider any shipping costs as part of your total expense.

Online Platforms

Ebay, Mercari, Poshmark, Etsy, ThredUp, Marketplace-- the list of cyber stores goes on seemingly forever. Note the return policy if that's important to you (typically once you buy it, it's yours unless it was described incorrectly) as well as any shipping costs. Goodwill also has a pretty good auction website, so take a peek there, too.

Brick and Mortar

It's so much fun to check out unique mom-and-pop stores! Antique malls, vintage outlets, consignment shops and boutiques-- an online search can easily point you in the right direction both in your hometown and while on the road. If you're truly old school, you can even check the yellow pages (Dear Gen Z'ers, ask your mom what that means). Don't forget that if you're looking for something in particular you'll want to consider using that keyword in your search as well, since some stores specialize in a certain market- kids/clothing/ furniture/ etc.

Group Hosted Events

Churches, MOPS, parenting clubs, and all sorts of niche groups frequently host bazaars and rummage sales advertised via signage, social media, flyers, and newspapers. These can get picked over pretty quickly since so many people are involved during set up, but the proceeds often go to a good cause so consider stopping by to see what they have available.

Your Basement/ Closet/ Attic

Don't overlook your own home! Take a look at some of the things you haven't used lately and try to envision them with a fresh coat of paint, restyled, moved somewhere else, or with any number of modifications that would give new life to them. This is a great opportunity to clear out your closet, too. Save what you will actually use/ wear and donate or repurpose the rest. Try everything on if you need to! Ask yourself, " Would I buy this if I didn't already own it right now? " If you wouldn't, toss it into a donate pile and let someone else enjoy it during their next thrift adventure.

Happy thrifting-- Thanks for stopping by!

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