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Knap Time

I'm a sucker for a mystery grab bag. If it's cheap and I have any inkling there's something in there I could use or flip, I'm in. Little did I know that I'd get a bit of a history lesson along with a recent purchase.

Looking through the bag, I found a small collection of arrowheads.

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Part of the fun of thrifting for me is learning about the items I purchase. The only thing I knew about arrowheads when I dumped the rocks into my hand was that I had an uncle who once collected them as a kid. Full stop. The end. I know nothing more.

After reading some general info about the different types and ages of them, I stumbled onto a thread of experts who just so happened to be nice enough to explain to me what exactly it was that I had.

"These look modern," is what I was politely told. Hmm. Modern. Like, you mean hundreds of years old modern, or like souvenir-fake modern? I liked the idea of holding in my hand something that had once served a functional purpose- a bit of history of the past, so I pressed further.

Another arrowhead dude interjected. Not really trying too hard to withhold laughter, he said, "Yeah. Those are definitely modern. Look at the tips of them. They are so rounded! Nice projectile."

"Probably from all the hunting and warfare they've seen. Blunted them over millions of years," I responded.

Then they laughed and laughed.

It was further explained to me that within this world exists a hobby called knapping, where stones are shaped in the likeness of old arrowheads. The result is not a fake arrowhead, per se, but a modern-day arrowhead that has been sculpted into form.

Any hobby that sounds like napping sounds good to me, so I was given a few more resources to check out. Some of the work is remarkable-- total pieces of art.

It was clear to me that my arrowheads were probably a beginner's attempt at knapping. I can see why the hobby is of interest to people and was happy to have learned something from these little rocks, nonetheless.

If you're in the market for a new hobby, check out some of the reasonably priced knapping sets Amazon offers.

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