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Thrift Haul

Whether it's something to wear, something to sell, or something to display, every second-hand find is one less item going to a landfill and one more item brought to new life with someone who values it. As a reseller, I look out for items that are always in demand (brand names, etc.), but I also keep an eye out for the unexpected treasures. These are the one-of-a-kind, completely unpredictable finds that intrigue, delight, or bring back memories. Here are a few gems I recently found.

1. Bouvier de Cachard Framed Print- 1965

This gem needs some rehab on the wood frame and a good cleaning, but the vibrancy and detail in the print itself is hard to find for its age. There's some staining on the corners, probably from water damage while being stored on its side. Midcentury work is popular right now and I know once this gets spruced up it's going to find the perfect new home.

2. JellyCat Bashful Bunnies

Have you seen those ride-on, plush mechanical animals you can rent at malls? A microbiologist once ruined those for me (and just about all plush things) by explaining in horrific detail the bacteria that's left crawling around on their furry little faces each time they're taken for a ride.

It takes a lot to override the potential thrill of flying past department stores at 3mph on a fake lion, but the image of creepy crawlies still haunts me anytime I see plush second-hand items.

An exception was made when I found a bundled bag of JellyCat bunnies recently. This particular brand has a strong following of collectors, and I was lucky enough to have a few of the rarer, retired styles in the lot. The pink bunny pictured here was the best of the bundle, retailing between $60-$90, depending on the condition and market. This one doesn't have the original tags and has been pre-loved, but still fetched $75 at resell.

3. Carnival Glass Dish

The colors! The shine! Carnival glass is never, ever allowed to go out of style. Each piece shines like a jewel and the deep colors are my absolute favorite. The market for these seems to lean toward the richer hues as well, so when I saw this piece in pristine condition with its fluted edges and perfect color, I knew it was a winner.

4. Handmade Doll House

A custom-made wooden dollhouse full of tiny furniture!!???! Yesssss! I have a fascination with miniatures and crafting, so the monochrome interior felt like a blank canvas just asking for some color. Pricing on a project house like this can vary greatly because no two are alike, but dollhouse furniture is always a good find.

5. Framed Butterflies

One morning I headed out to see if I could find any taxidermized Tawny Rajahs.

No, I did not.

Like other normal people, I had never heard of such a thing until I spotted one in its broken, sticky frame. No wonder nobody wanted it- it's broken and sticky. BUT! I know how to fix broken AND how to fix sticky, so it's Tawny Rajah's lucky day (his pal Lime Butterfly is in luck, too). I'll get that frame in tip-top shape and have them off to a new home before they know it.

As I neared the checkout, a man stopped to take a peek at what I was buying and said to me as though he, too, had been shopping for a Tawny Rajah, "What wonderful specimen!" That phrase delighted me almost as much as the butterflies themselves. Who knew I'd be taking any kind of specimen home, especially a wonderful one!? It's things like this that are so unusual and interesting that I love to come across- they just make you want to take a closer look.

If you have some beauties of your own to brag about, share a pic, leave a comment, or drop me a line any time. I am always curious to see what everyone else finds!

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